Bagnell Dam

Picture of Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam was begun many years ago, before the beginning of the Great Depression, in August of 1929 and was completed in April of 1931. A short history of the dam is available. Some interesting statistics related to Bagnell Dam follow:

Principal Quantities

Earth excavation                  937,000 cubic yards
Rock                               72,500 cubic yards
Concrete                          553,000 cubic yards
Reinforcing steel                   2,000 tons
Structural steel                    1,500 tons
Gates, trash racks, and guides      2,100 tons
Hydro-electric machinery            1,500 tons
Form work                       2,100,000 square feet
Reservoir clearing                 26,000 acres

Stream Flow

Drainage area                      14,000 square miles
Maximum recorded flow             110,000 cubic feet/second
Minimum recorded flow                 324 cubic feet/second
Average flow                       10,500 cubic feet/second


Area                                   95 square miles
Length                                129 miles
Shoreline                             1,300 miles
Water impounded                       650 billion gallons


Length including headworks          2,543 feet
Length of spill-way section           520 feet
Length of abutment section          1,512 feet
Length of headworks                   511 feet
Max height bedrock to highway         148 feet
Max width base of spill-way           132 feet
Max width base of abutment             93 feet
Cost of project                        30 million dollars


136 miles to St. Louis
 36 miles to Jefferson City
 75 miles above confluence of Osage and Missouri rivers

20,000 men labored in the preparatory and construction work, which continued day-in and day-out, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The construction of Bagnell Dam took less than 2 years.